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Release note 23.6

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This document gives you a functional content preview of the Worldline Sips 23R6 release.

It is separated into two parts: :

  • new additions to the Worldline Sips Solution
  • regulatory changes.

If you would like to benefit from those new features, please get in touch with your usual Worldline Sips contact for our current customer else contact to sips@worldline.com. Deliveries in production: from October 23rd to November 10th 2023

New features of the Worldline Sips Solution

Evolution of the Transaction interface in Sips Office Extranet

Sips Office Extranet is enriched with the addition of 6 new criteria in the Transaction interface advanced search. This development makes the monitoring of your activity more complete.

The following criteria are added :

  • Original amount between () and ()
  • User
  • Complete IP address or start of IP address
  • Authorization number
  • Complete or partial purchase reference
  • Complete or partial customer code

In addition, 3 existing criteria evolve by modifying either the wording or the type of search (complete or partial valorization).

The following criteria are modified :

  • Complete or partial transaction reference : modification of the search by range or partial search
  • Reference of the complete or partial order : modification of the search in wildcard type*
  • “Delivery date”: modification of the wording in favor of “Settlement limit date”

A partial search with completion aided by an asterisk () is called a wildcard search.

This evolution of criteria is the opportunity for Worldline Sips to reorganize the search fields and provide a better user experience.

The criteria have been grouped under the following categories :

  • Transaction : gathers the characteristics of the transaction
  • Authentication Authorization and Delivery : groups together the fields linked to the different phases of payment .
  • Reference : groups together the references associated with the purchase
  • Customer : gathers information related to the client

To allow a more complete reading of the search result, the transaction score is expanded. Indeed, if the fraud solutions are activated, the values associated with the threshold now appear in the transaction score details.

Finally, the Excel export of an advanced search result is evolving. The Purchase/ Invoice reference column is added, it includes the purchase references. From now on, the table is preceded by the notions “Merchant name” and “Merchant identifier” in order to identify the merchant.

Evolution of fraud rules

Our GONOGO+ and GONOGO fraud modules merged. Therefore, this evolution will give you access to all the anti-fraud rules as well as the “Advanced mode” functionality. This development will allow you to enrich your anti-fraud profiles to be as close as possible to your business use cases.

For more information about our anti-fraud solution, please consult our online documentation.</p>

Regulatory changes


Maintenance corrective


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