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Release note 22.6

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  • DTA (Direct To Authorization)
  • Apple Pay detection of Apple devices detection
  • Testing the connectors from the documentation web site

This release note gives you an overview of the functional content of the WL Sips 22R6 release.

It is separated in two parts:

  • new additions in the WL Sips Solution, where are listed the modifications of new functionalities added to our offer
  • regulatory changes

If you want to benefit of those new functionalities, please get in touch with your usual Sips contact if you are one of our client. Or, send us a message at the following email address: sips@worldline.com.

Deliveries in production: from Monday, October 24th until Thursday, November 10th 2022.

New features of the WL Sips Solution

DTA (Direct To Authorization)

DTA (Direct To Authorization) is available on the Sips Paypage connector (Sips Office and Sips Inapp connectors are planned in a later release).

This allows a transaction to be processed directly into an authorisation with an exemption (SCA exemption type) without having to go through an authentication request from the cardholder.

2 types of exemptions are available:

  • small amount exemption for small payments of less than €30. To take advantage of this functionality, you must ask your usual WL Sips contact to activate the « DTA » option.
  • Transaction Risk Analysis (TRA) acquirer exemption if your risk analysis shows that the risk of fraud is sufficiently low. To take advantage of this functionality, you must request authorisation from your acquirer, who will tell you how to use this exemption (maximum amount, rules to be applied in the event of changes over time, etc.), and ask your usual WL Sips contact to activate the « Acquirer TRA » option and the « DTA » option.

As a reminder, on this type of transaction without authentication, there is no guarantee of payment.

Find all the details on the online documentation here

Apple Pay : Detection of Apple devices detection

In order to facilitate the integration of Apple Pay in the Paypage connector (for merchant who manage the payment method page), we provide a file (Javascript format, available in the online documentation here) that allows before the payment to determine if the client uses a device compatible with the Apple Pay payment method.

Testing the connectors from the documentation web site

You can now test the different method of the connectors from the documentation web site.

For each connector, a page lists the different methods and allows you to send a request (which you can modify) and see the response from WL Sips : https://documentation.sips.worldline.com/fr/openapi-office.html

Regulatory changes

End of 3DSv1 protocol

The fallback to the 3DSv1 protocol will end in October 2022 for all networks (Visa, Mastercard and Amex). Only 3DSv2 will be available. If there is a technical problem or an ineligible or non-enrolled card during a 3DSv2 transaction, this transaction will be attempted without authentication (VAD) with an unavailability exemption (explications in the online documentation here).

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