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Worldline Sips is a secure multi-channel e-commerce payment solution that complies with the PCI DSS standard. It allows you to accept and manage payment transactions by taking into account business rules related to your activity (payment upon shipping, deferred payment, recurring payment, payment in instalments, etc.).

The purpose of this document is to introduce the MEX tool of the Worldline Sips solution.

Attention: In order to be able to use Merchant Extranet interface, we advise you to keep your web browser up-to-date. Indeed, for security security constraints, only the latest versions of browsers are are supported.

This document is intended for MEX users: administrators of E-commerce websites, webdesigners, IT, finance, etc.

For an overview of the Worldline Sips solution, we recommend you consult the following documentation:

Operating the MEX is based on a few important understandings that define the way you interact with the tool.

The role determines the tabs you will have access to and defines the actions you will be able to perform.

A user role can be seen as a predefined set of access rights. This operating mode simplifies the user creation process by allowing a set of rights to be assigned to a given account in one single operation.

A user can be assigned several roles from the following:

Role Description
Sips Office Extranet Gestion Allows access to 'Sips Office Extranet'.
Merchant Fraud Admin Allows access to the 'Fraud tab'.
Custom Pages Allows access to the 'Pages customization' tab.
Merchant User Admin Allows access to the 'Users' tab.
Merchant Download Allows access to the 'Download' tab.
Merchant Admin Allows access to the 'Download', 'Users' and 'Sips Office Extranet' tabs.

The access point is your entry point in the hierarchy. It determines the merchant level you will be able to view and manage.

A role assigned to a user account is always associated with an access point: Merchant or webshop.

  • Merchant ("CG", Commercial Group): a merchant is a group of webshops. It is a level that allows a user to manage a webshop pool with one single access.
  • Webshop ("POS", Point Of Sale): a webshop is the lowest level in the hierarchy. Transactions are processed at the webshop level. It is also at the webshop level that all the functionalities and means of payment are saved. A webshop has a unique ID, called "Merchant ID". Every merchant has at least 1 webshop.

example of a marchant with three webshops

The role confers rights to the associated access point and to all the units under it.


Lea (red dots) has an administrator role on the merchant, which gives her this very same role on the three webshops without having to assign her the rights on each shop individually. If a fourth webshop is added to the merchant later, Lea can administer this new webshop in the same way, without the need to grant her additional rights.

Paul (purple dots) has an administrator role strictly on webshops 2 and 3. It was necessary to explicitly assign the roles to each of the two webshops.

After registering your webshop, you will receive an E-mail similar to the below example:

email example

Dear Hugo Smith. Please find below your username for the Merchent Extranet application: Hugo_Smith. You are invited to log on to the following url in order to define your private password. Please note that if you do not define your password within the coming 30 days, this link will become inactive. After your password has been defined, you can access the Merchent Extranet application via the following url.

This E-mail includes your login ID and tells you how to set your password.

Please follow the instructions in the E-mail received. Your password must:

  • include between 10 and 20 characters
  • include at least 1 lower case
  • include at least 1 upper case
  • include at least 1 digit
  • include at least 1 special character

Once your password is set, you will be able to log in to the MEX.

Note: the password validity period is 90 days.

Click the URL below to access the MEX:


Then enter the login credentials you received to log in:

login page: username plus password

Attention: please refer to the 'Password forgotten' section if you have forgotten your password.
If you enter a wrong password more than three times in a row, your user account will be blocked by the tool. Please contact your administrator to unlock your account.

If your user account is linked to a single role, e.g. 'Merchant Admin', you will be redirected straight to the MEX dashboard after logging in.

But if your user account is associated with several access points (for example 'Merchant and Webshop 1'), you will be asked to select an access point after logging in.

droplist example for access point

In case the selected access point is linked to several roles, you will have to select a role.

droplist example for role

Finally, click on the submit button to access the MEX dashboard or on cancel to reset the form.

If you have multiple roles, you can change your current role by using the change role link in the header

changer de role

Regardless of which access points and roles you are associated with, you can perform various actions from the login screen or, when connected, from the main interface.

If you have forgotten your password, you can receive a new temporary password by doing the following:

  • Click on the 'Click here if you forgot your password' link below the login button:

localized below login button

  • enter your username and email address in the form:

form including username and email address

  • finally, click confirm to confirm the request, or to cancel return to the login screen.

After you have logged in, click on the 'Change Password' link at the top of the main interface:

Then enter your current password and your new password in the corresponding fields:

Your new password must:

  • include between 10 and 20 characters
  • include at least 1 lower case
  • include at least 1 upper case;
  • include at least 1 digit
  • not be the same as one of your last 3 passwords saved in the tool.

Click on confirm to confirm the password change, or on cancel to reset the form.

Attention: the validity period of a password is 90 days.

If you attempt to log in using a temporary or expired password , you must change it right after you log in to the MEX.

The MEX will then automatically redirect you to the password change form (cf. previous section):

  • enter your current password and new password
  • then click on confirm to confirm the change, or on cancel to reset the form.

You can change the name, first name, and E-mail associated with your account. To do so, click on the 'Change User Account' link at the top of the main interface.

Then, edit the desired details in the corresponding fields:

last name, first name, new email address and confirm new email address

Last, click on confirm to commit the changes, or click on cancel to reset the form with the old values.

You can change the interface language after you have logged in. Just click on the link for the desired language:

The available languages are English (EN) and French (FR).

The MEX includes and provides access to a number of actions and applications, as tabs.

  • tabs shown when connected as a 'Merchant Admin' user:

dashboard, users, transaction management and download

  • tabs shown when connected as a 'Custom pages' user:

dashboard and pages customization

Click on a tab to access the associated application.

Note: depending on the access point or the role selected during the login phase, some tabs will not be accessible (not visible or shaded).
If you have chosen the CG (merchant) as your access point, you will not be able to access the 'Pages customisation', 'Download', 'Transaction management' tabs. These applications are only accessible from the POS (webshop) access point.
Table 1. list of applications
Tab Usage
Transactions management Viewing the transactions of a webshop and operations on these transactions.
Users Administer users associated with merchants and webshops.
Fraud Set up fraud tools.
Pages customisation Redirect to the CustomPages payment page appearance customisation tool.
Download Download the secret key and the Worldline Sips CSE key.
MyPerformance Return to MyPerformance to view statistical widgets.

This is the default view displayed by the MEX.

merchant data displayed

merchant ID, name, url, language, main activity, legal number, status, level, registration date, merchant category code, number of units and number of webshops

The dashboard shows a summarization of the webshop or merchant's data, depending on the access point selected when logging in.

The 'Users' tab allows you to manage users associated with merchants and webshops.

several search criteria available

username, first name, last name, status, contract identifier, merchant ID, Merchant name, email address, external reference, role name

After clicking on the 'Users' tab, a create user button displays at the top right of the search form. Click on this button to create a new user.

A form displays that allows you to enter information about this new user, including:

  • the user's confirmation E-mail
  • the user's preferred language

Once you have entered this information, click on create user to confirm the user creation, or click on cancel to go back to the search form.

The tool displays detailed information on the access point selected for the new user. If your user account has access to a single webshop, the new user's access point is positioned by default on this webshop:

In this context, selecting a CG as an access point is not allowed.

However, if your user account has a 'CG' access point, you can select the CG or POS as an access point for the user currently being created (the CG selected by default).

If you have selected an intended access point, click on next

Then select the role and optionally the Sips Office Extranet rights:

Click on confirm

The tool confirms that the user has been created:

a message is displayed

Access point/role pair successfully added. Confirmation email with URL to set password has been sent successfully

On the 'Users' tab, enter your criteria in the search form and click on search to start the search (or on reset to reset the form).

A list of results is then presented to you:

Click on the row of the user you are interested in to view the detailed information for that user:

From this screen, you can perform various actions for this user by clicking on the available buttons:

Button Associated Action(s)
reset password Allows you to reset this user's password, for example, the user has forgotten their password.
assign role Add a role for the selected user.
edit user Update the detailed information for the selected user.
history Review all actions performed on this profile.
block user Block this user's login credentials, which means the user will no longer be able to log in to the MEX.

From the user details screen (cf. previous section), click on the edit user button to access the change form:

In addition to some actions already available in the user details screen (lock user, reset password, add role), you can now:

  • change the user information displayed in the form and validate the changes by clicking on the edit user button at the bottom of the page
  • add an address in the 'User Contact' block by clicking on the add address button
  • or even manage access points and roles assigned to this user by clicking on the update and remove access point buttons (cf. the 'Managing the access point and role' section).

From the user details screen, click on the block user button to block the user's login credentials.

A pop-up window in your web browser will ask you to confirm the blocking:

Do you really want to block this user?

  • click on 'OK' to confirm the blocking
  • a confirmation message will then inform you that the user has been successfully blocked

user has been blocked

If you have blocked a user (see the 'Blocking a user' section) so they can no longer log in to the MEX, you can permanently delete the user by clicking the delete user button.

A pop-up window in your web browser will ask you to confirm the deletion:

Do you really want to unregister this user?

  • click on 'OK' to confirm the deletion
  • a confirmation message then informs you that the user has been successfully deleted and displays the user search form again.

user deleted successfully

You can unblock a user you blocked (cf. the 'Blocking a user' section) so they can use their login credentials again in the MEX. To do this, click on the unblock user button.

A pop-up window in your web browser asks you to confirm the reactivation:

Do you really want to unblock this user?

  • click 'OK' to confirm the reactivation
  • a confirmation message then informs you that the user has been reactivated.

User has been unblocked

Each user in the MEX must be associated with at least one access point and a role in order to access the data (for more information please refer to the 'Roles' and 'Access Points' sections at the beginning of this documentation).

To manage the access points and roles assigned to a user, browse to the user information update form (cf the 'Updating a user') section.

Then, to manage an existing role:

  • In the 'Assigned Access Points/Role Pairs' block, click on the update button to change the role of access point concerned
  • or click on the remove access point button to delete the access point concerned

Or, to add a new role:

  • click on the assign role button at the top of the form.

    You then gets the following screen:

on "my shops" part, you have CG shop test and below shop test bis and below shop test

  • select the desired new access point in the left column: the assigned access point is shown in bold
  • click on the continue button
  • select the desired role from the list

merchant admin, merchant fraud admin, custom pages, merchant user admin or Sips download

  • click on the assign role button at the bottom right.

The new access point and role have been successfully added to the user:

message displayed: access point/role pair successfully added

The 'Fraud' tab allows you to access the fraud management interface.

fraud management home page

Welcome to the risk management pages you will be able to create your own profiles tnrough the following tabs. The Manage shop profiles tab allows you to view and manage your risk profiles you will get access to all the risk management rules from this tab. The Lists teeding tab allows you to manage all the lists (White, grey and black); you will 5e able to update your own personal lists from this tab.

For more information, please refer to the fraud-related documentation:

  • Go-No-Go fraud risk management

  • Business Score fraud risk management

Use this tab to access Sips Office Extranet. You will be able to view transactions for a specific webshop and perform various operations on these transactions.

display of the turnover valued per hour, in total and the accepted transaction rate

For more information please refer to the following documentation: Sips Office Extranet.

With this tab, you access the CustomPages application, which will allow you to customise the appearance of your payment pages.

customization tool page example

For more information please refer to the following documentation: Payment pages customisation guide.

This tab allows you to access the Sips Download application, for you to download the secret key and the CSE key.

Merchant transactions Dashboard

This application displays graphics with the payments performances of your webshop. You can find your revenue figure, the reasons why your transactions have been refused or the payment means used.

Graphics are updated every day.

You can switch from one page to another using the menu on the left of the graphics. You can also use filters on the right of graphics to filter on a specific period or on a specific webshop.

You can access this page if your offer have MyPerformance offer active for the whole company (throught a CG or POS) or if your webshop (POS) have the option in the tab Contracts

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