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Credit holder

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The “Cardholder credit” operation enables you to create a new transaction, the amount of which is debited from your account and credited to the customer's account. This operation makes it possible to carry out promotional operations or to refund a customer whose initial transaction is no longer accessible because it was purged from the Back Office. This “Cardholder credit” operation is independent of any other transaction; therefore it is not associated with any initial transaction.

It can be performed with:

  • A card number (creditHolder function)
  • A token (creditHolder function)
  • Worldline Sips wallet (walletCreditHolder function) if the card has previously been saved and you have subscribed to the OneClick option
Note: the cardholder credit process is a specific one; first it consists in an authorisation request of a small amount (called "imprint") or in a request for information (if supported by the acquirer) in order to check the card number. If the acquirer response is negative, Worldline Sips translates it into a refusal due to an invalid card or account and returns a responseCode 14. In the case of a positive response, Worldline Sips sends the authorisation request with the actual amount of the credit.

It is not possible to request a refund on a transaction created by a credit holder. Any request for a refund on this type of transaction will return a responseCode 24 (impossible operation).

Table 1. Summary
Available connectors
  • creditHolder: Sips Office, Sips Office Batch, Sips Office Extranet
  • walletCreditHolder: Sips Office, Sips Office Batch
Worldline Sips configuration YES Not activated by default
Acquirer checking NO


  • Transactions report: YES
  • Operations report: NO
  • Sips Office Extranet: YES (for creditHolder function only)

To credit a client via , use the creditHolder function or walletCreditHolder.

To credit a client via Sips Office Batch, use the credit or the walletCredit method.

Click on the transactions tab to have the following page displayed:

transactions search page

Click on create transaction.

The following page will display:

payment creation page

Click on the refund creation tab.

Then select the card type from the dropdown menu:

Click on continue.

The following page will display:

credit and transaction details page

Fill in the fileds (card and transaction informations)

Click on credit amount to validate the transaction.

If the credit is accepted, the following page will display:

transaction details page

When crediting a client with Sips Office or Sips Office Batch, you can get the following error responseCode:

responseCode définition

Refusal due to an invalid card or account.

40 You do not have the permission to credit a client.

You can consult all the response codes on this dedicated page.

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