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A refund makes it possible to credit the account of a customer who has previously been charged (product not received, unavailable, damaged, return, etc.). The refunded amount is credited to the customer's account, and the same amount is debited from your account. You can refund the whole transaction or part of it, but you can't exceed the amount of the the original transaction.The refund is captured on the same day as the operation.

It is impossible to perform cash management operations, upon which the refund, during the remittance processing (between 22h and 23h)

Attention: A refund cannot be cancelled or validated.

Here is the life cycle of a transaction during a refund (some payment means may have specific status, please consult the guides of the different payment means):

life cycle of a transaction during a refund

A transaction can be refunded when it is in TO_CAPTURE or TO_CREDIT status. When the transaction is fully refunded, it changes to the status CREDITED. If only part of the transaction is refunded, it does not change status.
Table 1. Summary
Available connectors Sips Office, Sips Office Batch, Sips Office Extranet
Worldline Sips configuration YES Not activated by default
Acquirer checking NO


  • Transactions report: NO
  • Operations report: YES, REFUND
  • Sips Office Extranet: YES

It is possible to activate the unlimited refund option, which allows the refund of an amount greater than that of the initial transaction within the limit of a set cap. This cap is a percentage of the amount of the initial transaction, ex: 30% of authorised excess.

To do an unlimited refund, you use the same function as in the case of a standard refund.

If the amount exceeds the authorised excess, the refund is rejected with a 51 response code.

To refund a transaction via , use the refund function.

To refund a transaction via Sips Office Batch, use the refund method.

Click on the transactions tab.

The following page will display:

transactions search page

You can filter the refundable transactions with Sips Office Extranet search engine. Select the status "Remitted":

The results are displayed:

Click on the refund button of a transaction in the list of results.

Note: You can also refund a transaction from the detailed view of a transaction clicking on the refund transaction button.

The following page appears:

screen to enter the amount to refund

Enter the amount to be refunded. Click on refund transaction.

The following page will then display if the refund is successful:

refund result and original transaction information

If the refund has failed (the amount is higher than the amount of the initial transaction), the following page will display:

a message indicates that the refund has failed and indicates the transaction data

When performing a refund with Sips Office or Sips Office Batch, you can get the following error responseCode:

responseCode définition
24 The transaction does not have the right status (CAPTURED or TO_CREDIT).

Or another cash management operation is in progress on this transaction.

25 The transaction does not exist in Worldline Sips data database.
40 You do not have the permission to refund a transaction.
51 The amount to refund is higher than the amount of the original transaction.
57 The transaction to refund was subject of an unpaid.

You can consult all the response codes on this dedicated page.

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