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Duplication allows you to create a transaction from an existing transaction. This function allows you to recreate a transaction based on a transaction that has expired by mistake, but also lets you make payments in instalments.

The means of payment details are retrieved from the initial transaction by Worldline Sips. However, you can amend the business details (order number, payment collection method, etc.).

The duplication of a transaction results in a new authorisation request. Duplicated transactions are handled just like a new transaction in recurring mode (paymentPattern field set to RECURRING_N).

Note: A transaction created via a duplication can be duplicated.
Table 1. Summary
Available connectors Sips Office, Sips Office Batch, Sips Office Extranet
Worldline Sips configuration YES Not activated by default
Acquirer checking NO


  • Transactions report: YES
  • Operations report: YES, DUPLICATE
  • Sips Office Extranet: YES

The extended duplication option allows you to duplicate a transaction initiated on another webshop. This option is not activated by default. It is not available on Sips Office Extranet.

You use the same function as for a classic duplication. However, you must indicate the webshop of the inital transaction in the field fromMerchantId.

To duplicate a transaction via , use the duplicate function.

To duplicate a transaction via Sips Office Batch, use the duplicate method.

Click on the transactions tab.

The following page will display:

transactions search page

The results are displayed:

Click on the duplication button of a transaction in the list of results.


You can duplicate a transaction from the transaction details page clicking on the button duplication.

The following page will display:

page summarizing the transaction to duplicate and the fields to fill in for the duplicate transaction

Enter the amount to duplicate. Click on duplicate transaction.

The following page will display in case the operation has been accepted:

transactions summary

Click on the duplication scheduling button of a transaction in the list of results or on the scheduled duplications button in the selected transaction details, the following page will display:

duplication page

The page has three parts: the first summarizes the original transaction, the second the information to fill in about the duplicate transactions, the third concerns the schedule.

You can choose the number of due dates. In the schedule part, you must enter the settlement dates and the amount of the different transactions.

Click on create the duplications.

The following page will display in case of a accepted operation:

transaction summary

When performing a duplication with Sips Office or Sips Office Batch, you can get the following error responseCode:

responseCode definition
14 The payment mean expiry date has passed.
24 The payment mean is not compatible with the duplication.
25 The transaction does not exist in Worldline Sips data base.
40 You do not have the permission to duplicate a transaction.

You can consult all the response codes on this dedicated page.

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