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Release note 20.2

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This release note gives you a of the functional content of the WL Sips 20R2 release.

It is separated in two parts:

  • new additions in the Sips Solution : are listed the modifications of new functionalities added to our offer;
  • regulatory changes

If you want to benefit of those new functionalities, please get in touch with your usual Sips contact if you are one of our client. Or, send us a message at the following email address: sips@worldline.com.

Deliveries in production : from the 2nd until the 20th of March 2020.

New functionalities of the Sips solution for merchants

Evolution of an anti-fraud rule

Currently, the anti-fraud rule on the creation of BIN lists or BIN ranges allows entry on the first 6 characters.

With the 20R2 Release, you will now be able to add BINs and / or BIN ranges on 8 characters. This change is applied to our GONOGO, GONOGO + and BUSINESS SCORE offers.

Below is a “before / after” visual rendering of the rule configuration in the merchant extranet (MEX).

Before :

Screenshot of MEX page with with BIN example of 6 characters

After :

Screenshot of MEX page with with BIN example of 8 characters

New Crédit du Nord Monaco bank code

WL Sips has integrated the new Bank code, Bin Bank, 3-D Secure Visa and 3-D Secure Mastercard data on behalf of Crédit du Nord Monaco.

You will now be able to submit a Crédit du Nord Monaco acquirer contract (VAD / VADS) for your transaction flows.

Corrective maintenance

Ref. Appli. Defect type Solution summary Priority
35029 Paypage Regression When making a CB, Visa or Mastercard payment via the forms hosted by WL Sips, the CVV entry field must be limited to 3 characters. Trivial
40829 Automatic response Regression During the expiration of a session, empty fields are not returned anymore in the automatic response in order not to fail the analysis on the merchant side. Critical
42407 Paypage Functional When an action is performed via walletpage, the content of the automatic response and the manual response must be similar. Major
43052 Paypage Functional Reformulation of the error message sent when entering an incorrect value it the interfaceVersion. Major
43052 Download Functional Correction of an error 500 when modifying the user name in the Sips Download interface. Minor

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