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Good practices

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In order to optimize the use of the platform and the response times, here are some good practices.

Use of the Worldline Sips wallet

When querying Worldline Sips for the contents of a wallet, we recommend caching the wallet contents to avoid using the getWalletData method for each payment or wallet management operation.

Use of getTransactionData in the absence of a response from Worldline Sips

If you do not receive a response from Worldline Sips for a transaction, you can use the getTransactionData method to find out the status of the transaction. However, wait a few minutes between your calls so as not to overwhelm Worldline Sips with requests if the platform is already in difficulty.

Use of the initialization with Sips In-App

When you use several methods in a row requiring the same initialization method (e.g. getWalletData then addCard which both use the walletInitialize method), you don’t need to do an initialization between the two methods. Use the two methods in a row:

walletInitialize then getWalletData then addCard and not walletInitialize and getWalletData then walletInitialize and addCard.

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