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Automatic response version.

  • Version syntax for Sips Paypage with prefix AR_HP_ or AR_JS and version 2.x or 2x (example AR_HP_2.45 or AR_HP_245) or 3.x or 3x (example AR_JS_3.0 or AR_JS_30)
  • Version syntax for Sips Walletpage with prefix ARWI_HP or ARWI_JS and version 2.x or 2x (example ARWI_HP_2.4 or ARWI_HP_24) or 3.x or 3x (example ARWI_JS_3.0 or ARWI_JS_30).
AN50(restricted String)
The following characters are accepted:
  • Alphabetic [aA-zZ]
  • Numeric [0-9]
  • Special _ . + - @
  • Space

Contained in


Methods containing the data and the availability per connector
Methods / Reports inApp office paypage office batch walletpage
orderInitialize view Unavailable Unavailable Unavailable Unavailable
paymentWebInit Unavailable Unavailable view Unavailable Unavailable
walletManagementInit Unavailable Unavailable Unavailable Unavailable view

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