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Term, abbreviation or acronym French terminology Definition
3-D Secure 3-D Secure Tripartite authentication protocol (issuer/network/acquirer) for the end customer who identify themselves online (for example, by means of a password). Each scheme applies the 3-D Secure protocol in its own programme ("Verified by Visa" for Visa, "MasterCard SecureCode" for Mastercard).
The protocol provides additional transaction security by requiring cardholder authentication. This programme offers several advantages:
  • the end customer is guaranteed that their bank details will be transmitted to their bank
  • the merchant is guaranteed that their customer is the cardholder, since the cardholder has been identified by their bank. For this transaction type, the merchant can take advantage of the payment guarantee (the financial responsibility for fraud is transferred to the guaranteeing entity for any defect in customer authentication).
3-D Secure is not suitable for all payment scenarios and does not apply to the following cases:
  • deferred payments of more than 6 days
  • payments in instalments or payments taken over several due dates
  • recurring transactions (for example using the duplication function)
  • offline payments (manual entry by the merchant, IVR, etc.).
3DS 3DS Cf. 3-D Secure.
4DBC 4DBC Cf. Card security code.
Term, abbreviation or acronym French terminology Definition
AAS SAA Acquirer Authorisation Server.
Acceptor Accepteur In card scheme, name given to the stakeholder who accepts the card. In the Worldline context, it is the merchant or their PSP.
Acquirer Acquéreur The financial institution (or its agent) that receives financial information pertaining to a transaction from the acceptor (the merchant, its payment service provider) and enters this information into an exchange system.
ACS ACS Access Control Server.
Access control server (3-D Secure) implemented by the issuer and allowing to:
  • check whether authentication is available for a given card number
  • authenticate the user for specific transactions
ANI IAN Cf. Automatic Number Identification.
Automatic Number Identification Identification automatique du numéro Telecommunication networks feature to automatically identify the caller's phone number and thus know whether this number is (for example) a mobile phone number, a toll-free number, etc.
Anti-carding system Système anti-carding Worldline Sips system to detect carding attacks and protect your payment system against them.
Cf. Carding.
Authentication Authentification The use of an authentication service (such as 3-D Secure) to check the buyer's identity.
Authorisation Autorisation Checking of the validity of the Internet user's card with the card issuer. The checks carried out include: checking that the card is not a lost or stolen card, that the expiry date has not expired and that the transaction amount presented will be debited (payment limit of the card not exceeded).
AVS AVS Address Verification Code.
Term, abbreviation or acronym French terminology Definition
BIC BIC Bank Identifier Code.
International identifier of the bank.
BIN BIN Bank Identification Number.
The leading digits on bank cards. They identify the card issuer.
Following the revision of ISO-7812, the length of the BIN has been increased from 6 to 8 digits. During the transitional period, both 6 and 8-digit BINs are allowed.
Also called IIN.
BO BO Back Office.
Buyer Acheteur Cf. Final buyer.
Term, abbreviation or acronym French terminology Definition
Capture Remise (en paiement) Cf. Collection.
Cardholder Porteur de carte Natural person holding a bank card.
Carding Carding Illegal techniques for retrieving an individual's financial data, such as credit card number, bank account number, username or password, etc. The techniques used are, for example, the sending of fraudulent e-mails or the illegal use of data reading devices. The recovered data is then used for fraudulent payments.
Cf. Anti-carding system.
Card issuer Émetteur de la carte Financial institution that issued a card.
Card range Card range Card ranges are basically set on an 8 digits long basis. Nevertheless, to ensure ecosystem readiness, Mastercard has asked all acquirers and their service providers, including processors, support 11-digit BIN ranges and 8-digit BIN standard by April 2022 for its own cards.
Card security code Code de sécurité de la carte Visual card security code: 3 digits printed on the signing bar on the back of the domestic VISA (referred to as CVV2), MASTERCARD (CVC2) and CB (CBN2) cards. This code adds an extra level of security for distance selling. In the case of American Express, the card security code is a 4-digit number and is referred to as 4DBC.
CB CB Bank card used in France ("Carte Bancaire").
CBN2 CBN2 Verification code for national bank cards.
Cf. Card security code.
CCV CCV Card Code Verification.
Cf. Card security code.
Chargeback Impayé Transaction not paid to the merchant.
Chargebacks report Journal de rapprochement des impayés This report contains transactions made from the merchant's Worldline Sips webshop that have been credited, and which have then been subject to a credit adjustment (unpaid due to a dispute with the customer for example). This report can be sent to the merchant every day.
CIT CIT Customer Initiated Transaction.
Transaction initiated by the cardholder either :
  • via an electronic channel (internet) either by direct entry of the card data or by using card data previously stored in a wallet. These transactions are subject to strong cardholder authentication.
  • via a non-electronic channel (MO/TO); the card data was transmitted by the cardholder via a Mail or Telephone type channel. Their entry for payment purpose is done by the merchant. These transactions are not subject to strong cardholder authentication.
Client-Side Encryption Client-Side Encryption A technique for encrypting data before it is processed by the Sips Office payment gateway. This technique ensures that data is visualised only on the client side, since data is intercepted and encrypted during entry using an asymmetric encryption key.
CNIL CNIL Cf. Commission nationale de l'informatique et des libertés.
CNP CNP Card Not Present ou Customer Not Present.
As opposed to the proximity acceptance mode using CP (Card Present).
Cobadged Cobadgé A cobadged card is a card that covers at least two brands. Most international cards issued in France are cobadged with CB (CB/VISA, CB/MASTERCARD, CB/MAESTRO, etc.).
Collection Remise (en paiement) Collection operation performed to pay for a transaction. It consists of crediting/debiting the merchant's account and debiting/crediting the Internet user's account.
Commission nationale de l'informatique et des libertés Commission nationale de l'informatique et des libertés (French National Commission for Information Technology and Civil Liberties.)
Independant French data protection body created in 1978 to enforce compliance with privacy during the computer processing of personal data.
Credit Crédit A transaction in which an amount is transferred from the merchant's account to the buyer's account.
Credit card Carte de crédit Bank card with deferred debit option or linked to a revolving credit.
CSC CSC Card Security Code.
Cf. Card security code.
CSE CSE Cf. Client-Side Encryption.
CSV CSV Comma-Separated Values.
A computer file format in which the data is separated by commas.
CTC CTC Centre de Traitement (des transactions) et Compensation.
CVC2 CVC2 Card Validation Code (MasterCard).
Cf. Card security code.
CVV2 CVV2 Card Verification Value (Visa).
Cf. Card security code.
Term, abbreviation or acronym French terminology Definition
DB BDD Database.
Cf. Dynamic Currency Conversion.
Debit card Carte de débit Immediate debit bank card.
DS DS Cf. Directory Server.
Directory Server Directory Server Platform for securing remote payments, necessary for the implementation of strong cardholder authentication. Each payment scheme acts as a go-between between a merchant and an issuer's bank and therefore has its own platform.
Dynamic Currency Conversion Conversion Dynamique des Devises Service provided to the cardholder allowing them to pay in a currency other than that accepted by the merchant. This service allows the buyer to instantly know the amount paid, which helps to improve customer experience.
Term, abbreviation or acronym French terminology Definition
ELV ELV Elektronisches Lastschrift Verfahren.
Direct debit payment type that is commmon in Germany. It is based on the following principle: the buyer provides their bank details to the merchant; once the payment has been accepted, a payment request is sent to the customer's account.
EMV EMV Europay Mastercard Visa.
International security specifications for payment cards equipped with microprocessors, which define interoperability between these cards and EMV payment terminals and aim to improve transaction security.
EMVCo EMVCo International body in charge of creating and publishing EMV specifications.
Expired cards report Journal des cartes échues This report contains information on stored cards that will expire within a time frame of one to three months.
Term, abbreviation or acronym French terminology Definition
Final buyer Acheteur final The final buyer is an Internet user who connects to the merchant's website and pays for a given good or service.
FO FO Front Office.
Frictionless authentication Authentification frictionless Simplified and secure authentication process that minimises the buyer's intervention, for example for mobile phone payments, contactless card payments, one-click payments.
Frictionless payment Paiement frictionless Simplified and secure payment process that minimises the buyer's intervention, for example for mobile phone payments, contactless card payments, one-click payments.
FTP FTP File Transfer Protocol.
Communication protocol for file sharing.
Term, abbreviation or acronym French terminology Definition
GDPR RGPD General Data Protection Regulation.
A European Union regulation which acts as the reference text on the protection of personal data. It strengthens and unifies data protection for individuals within the European Union.
Gift card Carte cadeau Card with a face value, usable in one or more times. This card can be single or multi-brand.
Term, abbreviation or acronym French terminology Definition
Host Hébergeur A service provider hosting one or more websites on its own servers connected to the Internet. Sometimes, hosting companies provide website creation/management services.
Hosted Fields Hosted Fields Cf. Sips Hosted Fields.
Term, abbreviation or acronym French terminology Definition
IAS SAE Issuer Authorization Server.
IBAN IBAN International Bank Account Number.
iframe iframe Worldline Sips HTML page embedded in the merchant's website HTML page.
IIN IIN Issuer Identification Number.
The leading digits on bank cards. They identify the card issuer.
Following the revision of ISO-7812, the length of the BIN has been increased from 6 to 8 digits. During the transitional period, both 6 and 8-digit BINs are allowed.
Also called BIN.
Internet user Internaute Online customer of a merchant.
ISP ISP Intermediate Service Provider.
Entity acting as a merchant on behalf of other merchants and securing communications during transactional processing without having to set security keys for each of the registered merchants (e.g. hosting companies or webshop management companies).
Issuer Émetteur Financial institution that issued the means of payment.
iSTI iSTI Initial Scheme Transaction Identifier.
Reference identifier that must be provided in subsequent transactions to the CIT, allowing the MIT/CIT chaining to be performed.
IVR SVI Interactive Voice Response.
Term, abbreviation or acronym French terminology Definition
LS LS Liability Shift.
Cf. below.
Liability Shift Transfert de responsabilité Merchants are usually responsible for unpaid e-commerce transactions resulting from fraud. Liability shift means that the loss due to non-payment is transferred from the merchant to the card issuing bank (to accept secured transactions only, please refer to the specific section in the 3-D Secure guide).
Term, abbreviation or acronym French terminology Definition
Mandate Mandat The SEPA direct debit materialises the customer's consent to the merchant. You must assign a Unique Mandate Reference (UMR) for each mandate.
MCC MCC Merchant Category Code.
Code designating the merchant's business activity.
Merchant Commerçant A natural person or a legal entity operating a webshop. Merchants using Worldline Sips are registered with Worldline and can take advantage of the secure online payment service.
MerchantId MerchantId The merchant's unique identifier used by Worldline.
MIF CMI Multilateral Interchange Fee.
New European legislation (Regulation 2015/751) on interchange fees for card-related payment operations. This legislation only applies to consumer payment cards issued in the EU, not to company cards and American Express cards.
MIT MIT Merchant Initiated Transaction.
Transaction initiated by the merchant without the assistance of the cardholder, regardless of the channel. These transactions are not subject to the requirement for strong cardholder authentication. However, they must be linked to the CIT (via the chaining process).
MO MO Middle Office.
MOTO MOTO Mail Order Telephone Order.
Telephone order or regular mail order (standard method for distance selling).
MPI MPI Merchant Plug-In.
In the context of preventing card fraud, the MPI is a component that allows you to interact with participants during 3DS checks. It checks whether the cardholder is enrolled and gives the result of the authentication on the ACS.
Term, abbreviation or acronym French terminology Definition
Networks (electronic payment) Networks (electronic payment) A group of organisations that issue means of payment after entering into a reciprocal agreement regarding the transfer of funds between the cardholder (issuer) and the merchant (acceptor).
Term, abbreviation or acronym French terminology Definition
Operations report Journal des opérations This report contains operations from the merchant in the Sips Office Extranet interface or using the Sips Office and Sips Office Batch connectors (refund, validation, cancellation, etc.) since the previous day's report was sent. This report is usually sent to the merchant every day.
OPPOTOTA OPPOTOTA National register of French or foreign cards blocked and declared by the CB, Visa and MasterCard networks.
Term, abbreviation or acronym French terminology Definition
PAN PAN Primary Account Number.
Main account number (card number, bank account number, supplier account for example for Paypal).
Payment capture Remise (en paiement) Cf. Collection.
Payment collection
PCI DSS PCI DSS Payment Card Industry – Data Security Standard.
Data securisation standard. The Worldline Sips solution is certified compliant with PCI DSS (since 2006, as the first PSP in France).
POS POS Point Of Sale.
Cf. Revised Payment Services Directive.
PSP PSP Payment Services/Solutions Provider.
Term, abbreviation or acronym French terminology Definition
Reconciliations report Journal de rapprochement des transactions This report reconciles the transactions accounted for by the merchant in their Worldline Sips webshop with the transactions actually processed by the processing centre of their banking institution. The result is the amount that will actually be credited/debited to/from their account. In addition, the merchant is notified of any non-reconciled transactions. Thus, the report makes accounting easier for merchants. This report can be sent to the merchant every day.
Regulatory Technical Standards Normes techniques de réglementation A set of security measures adopted by the European Commission that better protect customers through higher security requirements for electronic payments (cf. Strong Customer Authentication).
Remitter Remettant The remitter is a partner acting as a technical operator on behalf of several shops. The remitter manages file exchanges with the Worldline Sips payment platform. A remitter may send several merchant transactions in the same file provided that they are declared in the name of the remitter at the time of registration.
Revised Payment Services Directive Directive révisée sur les services de paiement New European Commission directive that aims to better secure electronic payments and better protect payment data and customers' personal data.
RTG RTG Response Time Guarantee.
Cf. Regulatory Technical Standards.
Term, abbreviation or acronym French terminology Definition
SafeDebit SafeDebit Bank account payment solution for issuing a payment guarantee for SDD chargebacks. This solution is offered by Score & Secure Payment (SSP) after a SafeDebit contract has been suscribed with them.
SAQ SAQ Cf. Self-Assessment Questionnaire.
SCA SCA Cf. Strong Customer Authentication.
SCI ICS Sepa Creditor Identifier.
Reference needed to implement a direct debit. Replaces the national issuer number ("Numéro National d'Émetteur", or NNE) in France.
Score & Secure Payment Score & Secure Payment Publisher of the SafeDebit electronic payment solution.
SCT SCT SEPA Credit Transfer.
Transfer: a euro means of payment for the execution of fund transfers between accounts located in the SEPA area.
SDD SDD SEPA Direct Debit.
Direct debit: a euro means of payment for the execution of fund transfers between accounts located in the SEPA area. It is at the initiative of the creditor (the merchant), authorised in advance by the debtor (the Internet user/customer) through the issuing of a mandate.
SDK SDK Cf. Software Development Kit.
SDPX (library) (Librairie) SDPX Worldline Sips Javascript component used by merchants for their CSE or Hosted Fields integrations.
Secret key Clé secrète Unique value to ensure the confidentiality and integrity of payment through the Worldline payment solution.
Secure payment Paiement sécurisé Transactions recorded on the Internet are protected against unauthorised interception and against any unauthorised editing or modification of the original content of messages.
Self-Assessment Questionnaire Questionnaire d'auto-évaluation PCI DSS questionnaire completed by an organisation or a merchant that/who then forwards this questionnaire to any third party (e.g. acquirer) requesting it to assess the PCI DSS compliance of the said organisation/merchant.
SEPA SEPA Single Euro Payments Area.
A European protocol implemented to create a single market for all citizens and businesses and to make payments across the European Union as easily, quickly and reliably as in the most efficient national payment systems.
Worldline Sips Worldline Sips Solution allowing you to collect the proceeds of your online sales and integrating a set of services to optimise your Internet sales activity.
Sips Hosted Fields Sips Hosted Fields An additional Sips Office option, in the form of embedded fields, allowing you to reduce PCI DSS constraints by outsourcing certain security requirements related to sensitive information.
Sips Office Batch Sips Office Batch Allows to provide merchants with Sips Office features in batch mode, based on file sharing.
Sips Office Extranet Sips Office Extranet Management interface allowing the merchant to view their transactions and carry out cash management operations.
Sips Office Sips Office Interface that works through a server-to-server dialog. This interface allows the merchant to manage their own payment pages, as well as their own management interface.
Software Development Kit Kit de développement logiciel A set of software tools for developers that facilitate the development of software on a given platform.
SPS SPS SEPA Payment Suite.
Worldline's solution for managing SEPA payments.
SSP SSP Cf. Score & Secure Payment.
STI STI Scheme Transaction Identifier.
Chaining identifier, unique reference provided by the issuer in the response of the CIT authorisation (or information) request which enables the chaining process. This identifier must be used in subsequent authorisation requests (MIT).
Strong Customer Authentication Authentification forte du client Procedure for authenticating card payments made online, aimed at enhancing the security of these payments by requiring the user to meet at least two conditions to prove their identity.
Term, abbreviation or acronym French terminology Definition
Token Token The token is a number shared by the merchant and Worldline Sips. It replaces the card number (PAN) and is not sensitive data.
Tokenisation Tokenisation Process of substituting the PAN, considered as a sensitive data element, with a non-sensitive equivalent data created by a tokeniser.
TRA TRA Transaction Risk Analysis.
As part of the Revised Payment Services Directive (PSD2), a methodology for analysing fraud rates, carried out by an issuer (issuer TRA) or an acquirer (acquirer TRA) to determine whether Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) is required for a given transaction.
TRA exemption Exemption TRA A Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) specific case allowing an acquirer, and by delegation its merchant, not to apply the SCA procedure to a transaction identified as low risk. Please get in touch with your acquirer to know if you qualify for the TRA exemption.
Cf. TRA.
Transaction Risk Analysis Analyse du risque de transaction
Transaction Risk Analysis
Cf. TRA.
Transactions Report Journal des transactions This report contains the payments (whether accepted or declined) made from the merchant's Worldline Sips webshop. This report is usually sent to the merchant every day.
Term, abbreviation or acronym French terminology Definition
UMR RUM Unique Mandate Reference.
Term, abbreviation or acronym French terminology Definition
Wallet Wallet A virtual storage space in which payment means can be stored in order to be able to pay without re-entering the payment means details (OneClick payment) or to trigger subsequent payments without the holder being present..
Wallet Initiated Payment Wallet Initiated Payment Service applying to Bancontact cards and allowing:
  • not to process the 3-D Secure authentication phase on OneClick payments
  • to process recurring payments
WCAG WCAG Cf. Web Content Accessibility Guidelines.
Web Content Accessibility Guidelines Web Content Accessibility Guidelines Recommandations du World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) pour rendre les contenus Web plus accessibles à des personnes en situation de handicap.
WIP WIP Cf. Wallet Initiated Payment

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